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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Celebrity Justice: Robert Blake 

Talking with my wife about the Blake acquittal yesterday, I put forward my basic theory of American justice: Rich, white guys don't get convicted. In fact, the whole drama surrounding O.J. Simpson's trial really boiled down to which would be more powerful: Rich guys don't get convicted or Black guys do (as it turns out it was a split decision: The Juice won the criminal trial but lost the civil trial). I think it was a Du Pont who killed his neighbor, cut him into pieces, admitted it and was still acquitted.

My wife then asked about Scott Peterson, but I was quick to point out that Peterson wasn't rich (no one seems to know why this particular spousal murder has been such big headlines while many others get quietly prosecuted).

With Michael Jackson, my prediction is that he'll be found guilty because being a disturbingly frightening freak will outweight all else (including, even, innocence).

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