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Monday, March 28, 2005

Changing the teaching routine 

I've got grading a bit more under control now, so now it's time to tackle another aspect of homework: I've been a bit bothered as a grade homework, thinking, "this question would have made for some good class discussion,"1 so I've started building this sort of thing into the class planning. I'm going to pick at least one question from each section to ask about in class so we can reinforce the concepts just a bit more. I'm hoping this will lead to better learning.

I'm also thinking that I may start doing classes using powerpoint (or perhaps Acrobat/pdfLaTeX so I can do real math). The big problem is how to handle some of the purely pictorial things that I do. I suppose with a bit of effort I can make my pdfLaTeX output readable in Illustrator and thence readable in PowerPoint (or I could splurge and get iWork so I can use Keynote for the presentations which reads PDF directly).

1 Or more realistically, me talking to the students. Sigh.

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