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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Netflix reviews: M, Dance With Me, Promises 

My wife and I signed up for Netflix and we've been busy watching movies ever since. I figure I may as well report on the films here.

The first of the lot was M, which features a young Peter Lorre as a pedophile serial killer. An interesting film to watch. It was Fritz Lang's first talkie and there's absolutely no music in the soundtrack at all, not even during the opening credits. It's an imaginative plot and Lorre's acting as the killer is quite amazing.

Dance With Me was my wife's choice. Pretty awful, I thought. For some reason, they cast singers as dancers, and even a non-dancer like myself could see that the dancing was pretty poor. There were only two dance scenes worth watching and the story itself was so weak that it was completely dispensible.

Promises was another choice by my wife (although it was in the "us" queue). This is a fantastic documentary with interviews with Israeli and Palestinian kids in Israel. Better still, amongs the extras on the disk are some follow-up footage of the kids (first at the Oscar ceremonies, then more recently, just last year before the DVD release). This greatly enhances the film as the first thing my wife and I wondered at the end of the movie was what happened with the kids. Now we know.

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