Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm ready for the semester to end... 

But sadly there's another month of it to go. It took all my effort to head in to teach this afternoon. It didn't help that I'd done no planning or grading. What really annoyed me was the realization that there was a lot of really fun stuff I could have done with what we were doing today (tessellations, non-Euclidean geometry). I'm also realizing that I didn't talk about fractals at all. That's what I get for not planning. This morning was largely procrastination. Granted I'm procrastinating by doing housework, but it's still procrastination. I'm thinking that I have one last unit with this class. I want to make it a bit more interesting. I'm going to look at the project ideas that they have and see about dedicating all or most of a class to one of the project ideas. I think that the Möbius strip class was something that I need to try to emulate somehow with consumer math. I've also started reading Michael Henle's A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology and realizing that I really need a broader acquaintance with mathematics to really teach this class effectively. The second Master's program will start in the fall. I won't have the residency issue this time around so I won't be forced out this time around. If last fall was any indication I'll be doing Algebra (again, I think that a re-do on that would be helpful) and Complex Analysis. Or maybe I should give in, get an applied math MS and get a regular job. Does it show that I've been feeling a bit depressed?

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