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Friday, April 01, 2005

Interesting day 

So today the electric company decided to turn off the electricity all day (although in their defense, they did give us advance notice). That's OK. I spent most of the day out of the house.

In the morning I had a first (and it turned out last) tutoring session with a precalc student. For whatever reason, he decided not to continue the tutoring. Not sure why. I'm not too disappointed though because he wanted to do 1 hour sessions and I'd be looking at driving half an hour each way to tutor for an hour.

Thence to the T-Mobile store, where I got my new phone. OK, I don't really care for the games (I think, in fact, that I'll see if I can sell the one that came with the phone on E-bay), but it was free and it has Bluetooth.

Bluetooth means that I can use Salling Clicker to control my Mac from the phone. Now, all I need to do is prepare class presentations using beamer and I'll be good to go for being able to lecture from the middle of the classroom (and to hear the students reasonably well.

First day of class went pretty well. My department chair dropped in unannounced about half an hour into class, watched a few minutes then left. I actually found that this improved my teaching as all the teaching practices that I aspire to employ were brought forward in my consciousness and were employed. I don't think my teaching before that point or my teaching afterwards were quite as good as the time that he was in the room. If only this had happened having my mentor teacher in the room when I was student teaching, I would be a much better teacher than I am now, I think.

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