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Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's OK we know... 

As a Catholic, with the apparently imminent decease of the Pope pushing Michael Jackson out of the news vortex, I find occasional reminders of how bizarrely the rest of the world views us:
In past centuries, popes sometimes delegated authority to Vatican officials who were nephews or other relatives.
It's ok, Catholics won't be offended if you say "illegitimate offspring." We know. Hell, the Pope that JC himself picked was a monumental screw-up, so why should his successors be any better?

(And to give a quick run-down on the usual questions asked of a Catholic liberal these days: (1) Terry Schiavo was dead long before they pulled the feeding tube out. (2) There's no requirement to employ life support techniques. (3) Feeding tubes don't really count as life support in the same way as, say a heart-lung machine. (4) Quality of life isn't really a valid consideration in whether life support should be employed. (5) I'm personally opposed to abortion, but I don't think that prohibition is the best way to prevent abortions in our society. (6) Being a priest (or even a cardinal or the pope) isn't the highest calling in the church.)

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