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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Things to do 

I have a file on my computer entitled things to do. It's actually two parts: Things to do and Things I've Done. I apparently hadn't updated it in a while since one of the things on the "things to do" list, I had done: Get married. Here's what's left (in no particular order, numbers mostly for reference):
  1. Read the top 100 American novels
  2. Read the top 100 British novels
  3. Read the top 100 European novels
  4. Read the OT in Hebrew
  5. Read Don Quijote in Spanish
  6. Attend a baseball playoff game (preferably the Cubs)
  7. Throw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game
  8. Publish a short story
  9. Publish a novel
  10. Publish a non-fiction book
  11. Have a piece of choral music that I’ve written performed by a noteworthy ensemble
  12. Have a piece of chamber music that I’ve written performed by a noteworthy ensemble
  13. Have a piece of orchestral music that I’ve written performed by a noteworthy ensemble
  14. Visit Africa
  15. Visit Asia
  16. Visit Australia
  17. Visit South America
  18. Visit Antarctica
  19. Meet a world leader
  20. Get a doctorate
  21. Bike around Lake Michigan
  22. Have a student attend the [insert alma mater here]
  23. Raise intelligent, creative children.
  24. Have a piece of music that I’ve written appear on a commercially released CD.
  25. Run a book store/literacy center
  26. Learn to sculpt
  27. Learn to play saxophone
Now that I'm teaching community college, #22 is unlikely and I should probably remove it from the list. Alma mater was a snooty private college which was undergrad only and there weren't a lot (if any) community college transfer students there. On the other hand, it is still possible, so maybe I'll leave it there for now. #24 might happen soon (kind of). An offshoot of my old band is putting together a CD and one song that might be included is one that I co-wrote. They're thinking about including it on the CD. I had put in the "commercially released" part of the requirement so that it wouldn't count for self-released stuff from my own bands, but as this is self-released by a band that I'm not a part of, I'm thinking that it could count. But what can I accomplish this year? I suppose Don Quijote is a possibility. Or perhaps one of the publish series. Doing some composition work might bring me closer to the performance tasks as well... I can't seem to find the top 100 American/British/European novels lists anymore. Can anyone help on this? For the record, here's the Things I've Done list:
  1. Get married
  2. Read the Bible in its entirety
  3. Had an original composition performed at a church service
  4. Played in a rock band
  5. Sung in a rock band
  6. Played on a commercially released CD
  7. Hit a baseball
  8. Played a grand piano
  9. Played (music) in Soldier Field
  10. Attended a football playoff game
  11. Published a magazine
  12. Been paid for magazine articles
  13. Learned to set type by hand
  14. Operated a letterpress
  15. Taught a computer class in Germany
  16. Profiled in the Chicago Tribune
  17. Quoted by Wired and the Wall Street Journal
  18. Graduated college
  19. Finished a Marathon
  20. Biked from [City A] to [City B, 50+ miles away]
  21. Attended presidential inauguration
  22. Lived in a Catholic Worker House
  23. Play bass, guitar, piano, flute, tuba

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