Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Alumni weekend 

I spent yesterday at my old college. Not actually the one that I graduated from, but the one that I dropped out of. I went to my actual alma mater reunion 5 years ago. I knew one person from my graduating class. She insisted that I come to the class dinner then she blew it off. That was kind of the end of my AAM alumni stuff. But yesterday was a lot of fun. I saw the old school, talked with the old math department chair (who did remember that I didn't actually graduate). Heard an amusing tale of someone who ended up having to do a bonus year on campus to graduate because he hadn't met a 1-class on campus grad requirement, took the extra semester, but then pulled his GPA down so he had to do another semester to bring it back up, played some croquet, drank some wine, ate some food. Curiously, I got some encouragement from one of the profs at dinner that after I finish my PhD, I should make an effort to teach at NAAM, as they need good math people. That would be nice (and I'd never have to teach anything lower than Calc if I did). I also realized talking with him, that none of what I told him about my teaching philosophy made it into my cover letter or other printed materials for my application packets. All of the ideas and energy which mark me as a really good teacher are absent from my paper packaging. Perhaps I should drink some wine and tape myself talking about this sort of thing.

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