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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Doing things a quick status 

I decided to check to see how I'm doing on seeing the IMDB top 250 movies. It's a bit of a moving target, so films at the bottom of the list change often. But as of today, I've seen a total of 120/250 or 48% of the films. We have one of the films I've not yet seen ("Lawrence of Arabia") out from Netflix so I'll show some real progress (to 121/250) soon. I'd need to see 16.25 movies per month to finish this to-do by the end of the year. I figure, though, that I can probably hit 55% by summer's end.

Currently reading Ulysses which will bring me from 37% to 38%. To finish this task by year's end would require reading 9.125 books per month. Possible, but unlikely. I'm going to aim for 55% by summer's end.

Newly added to the to-do list: Visit all 50 states, all Mexican states, all Canadian provinces, a couple long-distance swims, a triathlon and publishing academic articles in two unrelated disciplines. For this summer, I'm going to write up my novel proof of a standard theorem and check with some faculty friends about whether this is something anyone would publish. I figure if nothing else, it might go to Math Teacher or perhaps some MAA journal.

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