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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Flylady: This has been a long day 

I've modified the flylady routine so that I spread the weekly home blessing over the week (I made a list of 25 tasks to be done weekly and a chart to indicate when I last did them). I call the home blessing part of my daily routine. But I've let the kitchen go to seed a bit and two of the tasks for today were: Wipe down the kitchen counters (this was actually also yesterday's zone mission), and clean out the fridge. These have ended up taking most of the day as the counters were full of clutter and the fridge really needed a thorough cleaning (as in take everything out of the fridge including the shelves and take soap and water to the lot of it). The good news is that I have no dirty dishes, no clutter on the counters and a fridge which looks great. But now it's time to make dinner.

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