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Sunday, May 15, 2005

One down one to go 

I've finished up the grades for the weekend class. I need to go to the registrar in person though to correct a grade that should have been an I.

I'm satisfied with the way grades came out and none of my students should have cause to complain about their grade. We'll see if that holds up. Mr D managed to eek out a C for the class.

This will be only the second incomplete I've ever given. The first resulted in the student never taking the final and getting an F after the expiration date of the I. This student is either the unluckiest person alive or a big liar. I didn't accept her offer to see documentation of her latest trauma since there are only four possibilities: If it looks real (but could be real or fake). I say OK, and get on with my day. If it looks fake and is fake, then I'm in the position of either knowingly complying with her lie or having to embarrass her with her poorly executed fraud. And then there's the big cost one: Looks fake, is real. I point out its fakeness and am horrified to discover that it's not fake.

So it was really more trouble than it was worth to look at her documentation. Realistically, she'll probably end up with a D at best if she actually follows through with the class, and I'm not going to lose any sleep no matter what.

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