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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The thing that I nearly said in front of a classroom of students which I would have fired me for saying 

If your IT "department" can't figure out how to do network printing from a Mac laptop to the printer in this room when you've got 3 labs of "supported" Macs, I don't see why anyone would come her to study computer networking.

But fortunately, I didn't actually say it, and after spending time trying to figure out how to find the printer settings in Windows (ugh), I was able to set up a network printer on my laptop just fine.

But come on, you can't set up my computer for printing to the printer for "security" reasons? I'm sorry, but I'd prefer the truth. Of course this is the same group of people who've blocked everything but port 80 on their firewall for "security" reasons. Which really means that you're too stupid to know what FTP, Telnet, ssh, etc. are.

On the plus side, the director of For Profit U really wanted to make nice with me after that encounter with him and the IT guy earlier in the day. But all else aside, my schedule for the fall effectively precludes me from teaching at For Profit U for the foreseeable future and if I can pick up another of couple adjunct classes I won't even be tempted.

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