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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Book Meme 

This is one that I've thought would be interesting to tackle, so here goes:

  1. Number of Books I Own Approximately speaking, I'd guess about 1200. Last time I did a count I had a bit over a thousand, I've bought a bunch since then, but also sold/donated some. Add in my wife's books, and we're probably pretty easily at 1500. She's not quite as inclined as I am to keep books that she's read. If she were we'd need even more bookcases than we have (currently 8 plus some shelves I installed in the living room).
  2. Last Book I Bought Depends how you count. I just ordered Counterexamples in Topology and Rational Points on Elliptical Curves from amazon, but the last one to enter my greedy little hands is Complex Functions of a Single Variable.
  3. Last Book I Read The last one I finished was A Theology Primer. Currently reading all sorts of stuff: See the side bar for most of the math stuff, but I'm also in the midst of Ulysses and some Ovid and Allende (the latter in Spanish).
  4. Five Books that are Important to Me This is a tough one. What would I pick. I'm thinking probably Graham Greene's Monsignor Quixote which opened a lot of new intellectual vistas to me when I read it at age 14. And the dictionary, because I always have enjoyed opening up the dictionary at random points and checking out words (if I were to be specific, I'd go with the OED which is really the greatest dictionary of them all). Hmm, need 3 more. How about Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy which lead me to an existential precipice, pushed me over the edge and never really rescued me (Descartes' reasoning to believe in reality never really convinced me, so I really don't believe that I can know that my experiences are real). Let's see two more: Non-fiction book whose title I won't reveal which lead to a particular business endeavor on my part which occupied a decade of my life (I won't reveal the title since it could be enough to identify me). And I guess the last would be Richard Rohr's book on the enneagram which inspired an interest in psychology (but also lead me down a bit of a personal rabbit hole at the same time).

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