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Monday, June 20, 2005


Hmm, who'da thunk it. I found some place which had no "don't link to these color dot gifs" images on their website, so I figured it was safe to do so. I got a threatening e-mail from the webmaster. I guess their website must be served by a TI-83 since serving up a couple 35 byte files roughly 50 times a day was apparently a HUGE strain on their resources.

I've found the dots somewhere else which, from the disclaimer, looks like linking is just fine. As long as I say that open source software is cool.

Open source software is cool.

OK, that should take care of it.

I've not bothered dealing with dots in the archives (beyond the one post below where they're in the body). So the progress bars might disappear from archived posts in the future. Oh well. Not a big concern to me. I'm not going to republish the whole damn blog (not to mention that I kind of want the progress reports to be unupdated for the sake of people who are curious about my progress rate on the projects (what little progress there is to follow).

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