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Monday, June 13, 2005

Today's gripes 

I'm subbing this morning. And the teacher that I'm subbing for has no conception of a lesson plan. He's written in 1/2 a page what I would spend at least 4 pages on.

And here's the latest education folly: I have a student who has complained to me that what I'm teaching is not anything that she's seen before.

Seriously. As if it was all about making sure that there was no danger of any new information coming before her eyes.

On the other hand, my Monday afternoon algebra class is being a bit enjoyable. Part of it is due to the fact that we only have 3 students today, so I ended up doing a lot more, check to see if they know how to do X, they do? OK, let's move on! There wasn't a lot that we needed to do. A quick refresher on finding common denominators for one student, and more out of habit than necessity I taught the last couple of sections of the planned lesson, but now it's all over.

Meanwhile, I've wrapped my head sufficiently around the basis for a topology so that I can start the section 13 exercises in Munkres. That time spent making sure I understood things has made the homework a piece of cake to do so far.

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