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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another book meme 

1. How do you organize your collection
At the moment, not at all, really. Actually, that's not quite true: I've got a few broad divisions: Books I've not yet read, books I've already read, my wife's books, music books and (at my wife's insistence) a high shelf with all the Bibles.

But once upon a time (and at some time in the future it will return to this), I had everything shelved by Library of Congress. It might seem absurd at first glance, but even with my roughly 1000 volume collection, it works out quite nicely. Books are grouped by subject matter, authors are arranged chronologically (roughly) with biographies and criticism about an author shelved with works by the author. Sure, there are areas which I don't have a lot of books shelved in, but for the clusters that I have (math, literature, psychology, theology), it's really a nice way to organize the library.

CDs are sorted alphabetically by artist (by title for soundtracks and compilations).

2. What books or records do you keep separate from your collection for easy access?
Pretty much just the reference books: Dictionaries, thesaurus and The Reader's Encyclopedia. Plus whatever books I'm teaching from.

3. When you take down a book for reference, how long after you finish with it does it take you to reshelve it?
When I'm done with a book, I usually shelve it right away. The exception is if I finish a book while in bed. My wife gets mad at me if I get out of bed to do things like this (especially since it usually will also mean a trip to the shelves with the books to read so I can get another book).

4. What resource do you keep separate from your collection because you don't want anyone to know you have it?
Nothing. It all gets shelved. Heck even joke books have library of congress card catalog numbers. I am in the process of selling/discarding some excess books (mostly computer books which are out of date or no longer of interest to me).

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