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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I made a mistake 

I've taken on too much teaching assignment this summer. The For Profit U assignment was too much to begin with (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each involve 5 1/2 hours straight of teaching. Wednesday is a mere 90 minute day).

But then I took on some classes at the tutoring center as well. So now here's my schedule:

M: 12.30-6 at FPU
T/R: 1.30-3.30 at tutoring center, 4.30-10 at FPU that hour in between is spent driving
W: 1-30-3.30 at tutoring center, 4.30-6 at FPU
F: 1-30-5.30 at tutoring center

This is all my fault. I could have had a 2-class load at the community college had I gotten a damned form returned a little sooner and made just as much money for half as much time teaching. And had time to grade and plan without being stressed.

Next summer I will maybe teach one summer school class at a community college. Or perhaps not even that. I will do research next summer. Math research and I think also some research into surfing and tanning and beaches and that sort of thing.

Of course the good thing (from my wife's perspective) about being stressed is that I procrastinate and when I procrastinate I clean (well clean and watch movies).

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