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Monday, July 04, 2005


Well today I seem to have broken the vacuum cleaner. It's not my fault. Or even my cats. But my wife who seems to shed more than both cats put together, so there are long brown hairs all over the carpet. These proceed to tangle up the roller in the vacuum cleaner and causes the vacuum cleaner to self-destruct on a regular basis. Broken bands are one thing, but the roller cracked today. We're thinking of getting one of those fancy Dyson vacuum cleaners, although I'm not entirely convinced that it will solve the problem of the roller getting tangled up with her long hairs. I suppose I'll have to flip the vacuum cleaner over on a regular basis and cut all the tangled hairs away.

What I really want, I think, is to get an apartment with hardwood floors and then the problem will go away forever because it will be all sweeping and no vacuuming.

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