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Monday, July 18, 2005

You're spending too much time at Border's when 

you start to recognize the other patrons. There's old-guy-who-kinda-needs-a-bath-but-at-least-doesn't-smell-bad. And there's pregnant-asian-woman-who-reads-lots-of-manga. And middle-aged-lady-who-moves-her-mouth-when-she-reads. I'm about 5 chapters into the new Harry Potter. Pretty good so far. In fact, if it keeps up like this, I'll lilkely consider it best yet. Of course it's been a while since I had my summer of Harry Potter and I've forgotten some of the trivia: Can anyone refresh me on Fleur, whichever Weasley is engaged to her, Tonks and what the penalties for breaking an unbreakable vow are? (I tried googling that last and realized that I was going into spoiler land, so maybe it hasn't been previously introduced?) Gotta say that the first chapter is brilliant.

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