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Monday, August 29, 2005

End of the day 

I'd probably be less tired if I'd slept last night (shh, don't tell my wife, she'll be mad at me).

My algebra class lesson plan was quite a bit more fully stuffed than I'd originally anticipated. Between teaching note-taking, 1 section of the book and the syllabus, I had no time left for the "fun" order of operations activity. Maybe I can squeeze it in on Wednesday. On the other hand, I forgot to buy treats for the winners, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

My freeway flying is a lot faster than I'd anticipated. I was worried about returning the data projector to AV, walking back to my car, driving from MRU to NBCC, finding parking and getting to my classroom in time. I actually had enough spare time to stop by the cafeteria and buy a macaroni salad and a Diet Mountain Dew Code Red which is the second most vile beverage I've ever tasted (the winner was some Red Bull that my dad bought when we convoyed my stuff from the city of my birth to the current megalopolis).

Despite being way under-planned for my liberal arts math class, I feel like the class went pretty well. I even had two students come to my office hour, but mostly at my direct invitation because they had missed the Möbius Stripping class and they really needed to see how the experiments worked for that class.

And then it was back to MRU for my first graduate class at that illustrious institution. I didn't really get a chance to talk to anyone: Two of my fellow TAs were present and acknowledged my presence. The homework was really trivial. We have a week and a half to turn it in and I finished it in class, while taking notes. For that matter, my notes from 75 minutes of class were all of 2 pages in Cornell format. I'm worried that the class itself will be lacking the rigour that I really want from it. So I guess I'll continue working through every damn problem in the book. I have just one problem left in 1.4 (matrix groups) and 1.5 (Quaternions) will go quickly. At least I won't spend a lot of time on class work if the first assignment is any indication. I'll type it up later this week, I suppose.

Damn, I really hope that the other two classes I'm taking this semester are a bit more rigorous. My previous sample, the homework assignments from the Topology class I didn't take last spring looked good, so maybe it'll work out.

And now to drive to the airport to pick up my dear delayed wife.

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