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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Maybe I'll just start wearing boots 

Most stores don't sell trousers with an inseam longer than 34. So I go to the Big & Tall store to pay too much. Except that they will sell me 36x38 or 38x36 but they have no 36x36 which is my size. I CANNOT BUY CLOTHES MY SIZE! Apparently I'm some sort of hideous mutant freak. Too big & tall for the regular stores, not big & tall enough for the big & tall shops. And Casual Male Big & Tall is evil. They have signs that say that if they don't have your size in stock you'll get your pants free, but they LIE. What they'll really do is ship it to you for free within 5 days. That's not what your sign says, assholes.

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