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Monday, August 08, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Academic Coach 

This is the first of a continuing series where I'm going to draw attention to the blogs in my blogroll. So, working our way down the list, we start with Academic Coach. The blog is written by Mary McKinney, a clinical psychologist who specializes in (surprise!) coaching academics (both grad students and PhDs) towards meeting their goals in academic life. I don't remember which blog directed me there initially, but a post on depression stirred me into (slow-motion) action towards dealing with my depression.

Posting is fairly light, with clusters of activity surrounded by periodic lulls in the action, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of flogging the services of Dr McKinney which makes it much more readable.

None of the advice is necessarily earth-shattering. If you're in grad school or academia, you'd probably figure this out on your own except of course that being so close to the action it's easy to forget the obvious thing to do. I think that's the appeal of sites like Flylady. So, for me, Academic Coach is Flylady for the mind.

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