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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Academic Splat 

Continuing the series (I'm aiming for one a day, plus iron). Today we move one notch down the list to Academic Splat!. Professor Camicao (as usual, not his real name) is a lit professor. This is who I might have been had I not been such a screw up as an undergrad (so, yes, I know a whole hell of a lot more about Derridas, Dickens and deconstructionism than do most mathematicians). And I managed (I think because of New Kid on the Hallway) to get on board fairly early in the life cycle of his blog. And he's an occasional commenter here. All of which makes me like him even if he is possibly the anti-me (we'd best not meet or we could cause the universe to disappear).

His posting tends towards the roughly daily long thoughtful post rather than the frequent short bullet (which, i have to confess is a bit more of my preference in reading at least. This is why I never got into Atrios). Since his blog life has been summertime only, the posting has been more about the life of the mind thusfar, but it's all been well-written and deserving of a place in the blogroll.

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