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Friday, August 12, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Learning Curves 

I've found that blog communities tend to have hubs, much like airlines. When I was teaching (and blogging about) high school, the K12 blogging community that I identified with seemed to have as its hub, Ms Frizzle. Having moved on to post-secondary education, it seems clear to me that my new hub is Learning Curves.

Learning Curves is the blog of Rudbeckia Hirta (a damned cool pseudonym, if I might say so), and chronicles her life as a non-TT (and yet full time and even administrating) prof at a university that I always envision as somewhere in the northern south* although I suspect that where I would put the pin in my mental map of the united states is probably actually a tobacco farm or a Stuckey's or something of that order.

I've stolen a lot of teaching ideas from Becky and plan to continue doing so in the future (it helps that we taught very similar classes last spring, although she gets to teach Calculus this fall while I'll continue teaching junior high mathematics to college students). Her progress bars were the inspiration for the bars I've put in my sidebar (although I've implemented them differently). The vast majority of my blog reading comes from her blog roll (and I'll periodically go to her blog roll and open a tab with each blog in hers that shows as unread).

So the upshot of all of this is that odds are that if you're reading this, you probably already know and love her blog and if you're looking for other blogs you'll find a much wider selection than I have in my paltry little blogroll, but I'll soldier on anyway.

I'll continue the series on Monday.

* I actually know exactly where it is, sorta kinda (the information is stashed away somewhere in my mailbox, but it didn't really stick in my brain)

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