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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Meet the blogroll: One Bright Star 

Sometimes I don't remember what attracted me to a blog. And sometimes I do. In the case of One Bright Star it' the latter. She made a reference to going to mass and the reading that week was one of my favorites (and sadly, being the occasionally remiss Catholic that I've become since marriage, I missed that week).

So she got tossed in the bookmark folder. Since I've been reading her, I can see that she and her husband are the sort of people who I'd be friends with in real life, assuming that I had any idea that she was an academic if I met her at church (or a singing Catholic if I met her at school).

There's apparently no archive links (although a handful of old entries are bookmarked in the side bar), so if you're new to 1B* you'll be coming in media res like everyone ellse and you won't have to stress out about catching up. Cause you can't.

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