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Monday, August 29, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Planned obsolescence 

There's usually some hook that draws me in to a blog. In the case of Planned obsolescence it was the fact that not only is Kathleen Fitzpatrick blogging under her own name, she also teaches at a college that I have some tangential connection to (I won't say more than that, although I will say that her college is not one at which I was ever enrolled as a student). Fitzpatrick teaches English and Media Studies (which seems to me the major that a person who would be an English major if it weren't for all that reading would choose*). She's got tenure so she at least doesn't have to worry about the whole being outed and denied a job, a fact which she pointed out in the midst of her longish post on the whole Ivan Tribble thing. The summer has been mostly travel and home life, but there's also quite a bit about the joy of teaching and research which presumably will return as classes re-start. * OK, I'm being a bit snarky. But I've always been that way about just about every recently developed major. You should hear me mock the CS people sometime.

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