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Monday, August 29, 2005

Trader Zen Multi-Purpose Cleaner: The Secret 

My wife, in an attempt to make us an environmentally friendly household has a penchant for buying organic/eco-friendly products that just don't seem to work. One of thse was the Trader Zen Multi-Purpose Cleaner which is allegedly an organic substitute for Windex (whether it clears up acne remains to be seen). My problem with this stuff is that it has had a tendency to leave HUGE streaks on the mirrors when I clean with it. Huh? I thought the whole purpose of this stuff was not to streak. Then I tackled the mirror in the office this morning. Since it was mostly clean to begin with, I decided to just use a little bit on the parts that were dirty. Suddenly things got cleaner than I've ever seen. So the secret, apparently, is to just use a little bit of the cleaner rather than spraying liberally like I would with windex.

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