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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Shuffle 

  1. "Puppet Suite (Tired Old Man)," Kevin Gilbert, Unreleased version
  2. "Gunshot Superfly," Electric Gauchos, Blue Orb
  3. "Sway," The Perishers, Sway - EP
  4. "Hungy Heart," Glass House/Scott Richards
  5. "Fly on a Windshield," Genesis, FADE 006 - Six of the Best
  6. "Goodnight Little One," Ric Ocasek, Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal
  7. "Tele-vee-shun," Stan Freberg, The Very Best of Stan Freberg
  8. "King of California," Dave Alvin, KSCA Live From The Music Hall Vol. 1
  9. "Wonderful Remark," Van Morison, Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal
  10. "Last Thing," Diana Anaid, Beautiful Obscene

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