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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Think Again 

More than any other blog Think Again has affected my teaching. I've happily stolen puzzles wholesale from the site to use in my class and will continue to do so. The philosophy of the site is best summarized with this statement from the welcome page:
If you are a math teacher or a parent you should feed your kids problems and challenges, not answers and the remote. Good problems are not easy to come by, so I will collect some here.

There's a mix of easily put into the classroom problems to random questions. I've become especially fond of the series of related puzzles presentations and have used that in my class to come up with my problems to offer the liberal arts class at the beginning of the class (which has resulted in some wonderful unplanned synchonicities).

Our guide, Jan Nordgren, is a high school math teacher, and if Think Again! is any indication, a damned good one.

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