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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet the blogroll: Ars Mathematica 

OK, now we're getting into new additions to the blog roll. What I have listed at the right is just a fraction of what I actually read, much of which is on the cusp of getting dropped from my reading list or added here. I figure one new blog on the blogroll per week is probably about right.

So the new blog this week is Ars Mathematica. Fortunately, the rather unintutive links to continuations of articles have been mostly abandoned and instead we're left with occasional discoveries of mathematics on the net and snippets of math news (like the recent decease of Serge Lang). The audience here appears to be grad students and math PhDs, as there's frequently content which borders on the abstruse, but for getting some sense of what's happening in mathematics, I find it a great read.

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