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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Spring schedule 

I got my tentative teaching schedule at MTU today. It's got so much wrong with it, I'm amused:
  1. I'm teaching a different class. So much for being able to re-use all of my wonderful class materials next semester.
  2. I teach five days a week. Since I'll be taking four classes next semester, I was planning on not teaching off campus and was looking forward to the possibility of having a couple of days without (formal) student contact.
  3. I have two sections with different numbers of meetings per week. It's enough of a hassle dealing with teaching MW and TTh sections of a course. Doing this with MWF and TTh would be a huge hassle.
  4. One section begins at 8a. In February, Mrs Prosciutto and I are moving to the other side of the megalopolis so my current commute which gets me from home to MTU in under half an hour will likely turn into an hour commute under good conditions. Driving to get to MTU at 8a is NOT good conditions. Add in the fact that I'd be teaching early and having class late makes for an awkwardly scheduled day.
On a related scheduling note, I realized that I'm currently spending more time in the classroom than all of my professors put together (3 classes being taken, 4 being taught, vs a 2 class teaching load each for the profs).

Update (10/13): Having been invited to indicate whether it was acceptable or not, I asked for a change to a MWF schedule and a later start if possible. My new schedule has me starting at 10, teaching 3 days a week and I'm teaching the same class as I am this semester. There's a part of me that's disappointed a little: It would have been nice to have higher-performing students, but I guess that'll happen some time in the future...

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