Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counting down 

I've got 5 classes of algebra (2 sections) left, and 3 classes of math for liberal arts majors (2 sections) left. That's 22 hours of teaching to go. Except that 6 of that is tests and 10 is review days so there's really only 6 hours of stand in front of the class teaching remaining. And the finals. But my plan is to tell the math for liberal arts majors students, when they show up on the final day, that if they're happy with their grade, they can skip the final. For the algebra kids, there's structure in place that should eliminate the top fifth and bottom third of the class from taking the final (because they've demonstrated that they know the material, or because they've demonstrated that it's mathematically impossible for them to pass).

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