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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The home stretch 

I offered my community college students the opportunity to skip the final* if they were happy with their grade. Pretty much everyone skipped the final.

I do have algebra finals to grade still, and it's hard to be inspired to grade them.

I didn't study for my [abstract] algebra final last night and was consequently a bit off my game for the final, but I figure that I still have plenty of points to spare and I have the A no problem.

And yet I'm not studying for my complex analysis final.

I took the cats to the vet today. Vaccinations and some tests and it ended up beingg $500! Oh my God. Two thoughts: (a) I miss having my brother the vet handy. (2) I hope this doesn't make my wife decide that keeping the cats would be a bad idea.

Hmm, at $500 for vaccines and tests, it would make sense to fly my brother in once a year to take care of the cats.

I need to go back over my complex theorems and make sure that I can do some of these complicated integrals.

* I made the offer on the day of the final: I figure that way, any learning that was going to take place would still take place.

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