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Monday, January 30, 2006

100 facts about me in 100 days: #19 

19. I had a bizarre obsession about Burma in the first grade. I know exactly how it came about though: I had a book about cats (see fact 17) and decided that our mixed breed domestic shorthair was in fact a burmese cat.

I was so into Burma, I really wanted the continuing saga of "Happy Hippo" which we were writing in class to go to Burma, so at the end of each story, I wrote, "Next: Happy Hippo Goes to Burma". But at every turn I was foiled by the assignment we were given. When I finally did get to write "Happy Hippo Goes to Burma," I was so habituated to writing "Next: Happy Hippo Goes to Burma" at the end of every story, that I wrote it at the end of that one as well.

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