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Friday, January 20, 2006

100 things about me in 100 days: #1 and #2 

Because 1b* indicated some flagging enthusiasm for her 100 things project, I've decided to offer her some moral support by giving it a shot myself. I'll do two a day until I catch up with her though.

My plan, try for chronological order. I'll start with a bit of ancestry factoids, which, if you believe that genetics is destiny says something about me, and if you don't, it still is interesting that these would be the factoids that I would choose.

1. I'm a direct descendent of a Catholic priest. One of our family legends is that my great-great-grandfather was a Catholic priest. We're pretty sure that it's true, and it's a big part of why my great grandfather was bitterly anti-Catholic his whole life (he knew who his father was and hated that he never acknowledged him as his child). The family legend that we're less sure of (because, apparently, my great grandfather was less consistent about this) is that my great-great-grandmother was a nun.

2. My great grandparents, across the board, were communists. My ancestors all immigrated to the US at about the same time (the first decade of the twentieth century), and the American Communist Party was quite effective at recruiting among immigrants of this era. Apparently a bit part of their appeal was in playing on immigrants' nostalgia for the old country by doing things like putting on plays in the old language or having social activities based around the culture of the old country. My personal favorite artifact of this part of my family history is a photograph (which has my grandmother in it somewhere), of the Karl Marx Singing Society.

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