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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

100 things about me in 100 days: #12 & #13 

We tackle some of my earliest academic factoids today:

12. I could read when I started kindergarten. I credit Sesame Street. And I suppose my mother, although my memory of my mom's teaching me to read is primarily of her lying on the couch, demanding that I recite the alphabet to her and ignoring my claims that "the alphabet is for sissies."

13. I was kicked out of the afternoon program in kindergarten because I was badly behaved. Because I could already read (and presumably do some basic math, my school had a program where the brightest kids in kindergarten came back after lunch and had some classes with the first graders. It was mostly math, but I imagine there must have been some reading. About a month into the program I was kicked out because I was a discipline problem. My mother, enragegd with me over this disgrace, didn't allow me to spend my newly freed afternoons playing, but rather required me to learn math and reading from workbooks that she'd bought at Jewel or A&P or something like that. Of course my mom, not being trained in any sort of teaching apparently bought the wrong books or did something incorrectly because when I started first grade, I was doing math at a 3rd grade level and reading at a 5th grade level.

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