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Saturday, January 21, 2006

100 things about me in 100 days: #3 and #4 

Continuing on the catching up with 1B*, I offer a couple facts about my name:

3. I'm almost but not quite named after my father. Usually it's the oldest child who gets named after dad, but in my case they waited for son #3. And then gave me a different middle name, so the only way to distinguish myself from dad is to write at least a middle initial. When I started college I contemplated switching to my middle name (so I could have been V. Tony Prosciutto), and in fact, I used a sort of random selection to determine whether or not I would do this: On half of my college applications (based on whether they let me write V. Tony or Vito T.), I used my middle name as my preferred name. As it turned out, I attended one of the first name colleges and now I'm forever Vito.

4. My first name is from a language that has no connection to any part of my ethnic heritage. OK, this is a bit of a stretch on a thing about me, but it has kind of annoyed me. I really would have liked an ethnic first name (and I made up for it with my blog pseudonym, by going way ethnic). What's more, because I share a first name with a well-known cartoon character, I've endured endless jokes about it as a consequence throughout my life. And yet I would still like to name one of my children Atticus.

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