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Monday, January 09, 2006

My dad, satellites, and Howard Stern 

Last night I spoke with my dad on the phone. At one point in the conversation, he decided to read (from the TV guide channel), all 100-some-odd music-only channels (many of which are from Sirius) that his satellite TV company (don't worry, I'm working my way to a point). Rather than interrupt him, I figured, hey, my dad's gonna be 74 this June. If he wants to read the channel guide to me, then I guess he can (he later went on to enumerate all the pornographic pay-per-view channels).

So later today, my wife and I were talking about this, and the topic of Howard Stern came up. We're both in agreement that a lot of Howard Stern fans probably went out and got XM radio to listen to Howard Stern.

Which is kind of unfortunate for them because Howard's on Sirius.

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