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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Organizing my life: The 3 minute shower 

One of my chief difficulties in mornings is getting in and out of the shower in a reasonable amount of time. What's more, I'm often so tired, I don't remember things like whether or not I shampooed my hair already or not. My idea of how to get around this: Record a "song" on my computer which consists of reminders of what to do at particular times. I timed myself in the shower this morning and figured that 20 second intervals would work out fine and I could do something along the lines of:
  1. Wet body/hair
  2. Put shampoo in hair
  3. Rinse hair
  4. A bit of just basking in the hot water
  5. Put conditioner in hair
  6. Rinse hair
  7. A bit more basking
  8. Lather body
  9. Rinse body
  10. A bit more basking
If I give myself 10-15 seconds for each basking, that comes out to a 3 minute shower.

The only catch is that I don't currently have a CD player in the bathroom (and it's unlikely that I'd buy one just for this).

Or perhaps I would: It turns out that I can buy a shower CD/radio off the internet for $35!

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