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Monday, January 16, 2006


Russian Violets inspired me to post a bit about packing with her tale of finally (after six months) almost finishing unpacking the books.

This is the exact opposite of my usual modus operandi for unpacking after moving: I unpack the books, the stereo and the CDs, then lose interest in the process and have boxes of stuff lieing about until the next move.

My wife, naturally, is not pleased with this state of affairs, so as an attempt at appeasement, as I've been packing for the current move, I'm also taking stuff out of boxes and throwing away, or sorting the stuff. Among some of the discoveries have been at least two brand new, never-before-worn sweatshirts, an out-of-focus photograph of me with a bird no my shoulder, some old dry-erase markers which STILL WORK (if only they would buy these for the classrooms where I've had to use a whiteboard), and some other stuff that I remember thinking that I should blog when I first saw them.

But now, I'm out of town for a week for a workshop. But I've got free internet, so I'll likely be posting more this week.

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