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Friday, February 17, 2006

100 things about me in 100 days: #26 

But first a couple of shout-outs: First, B*, you haven't posted anything since your visit to the boyfriend. You left off at 36. When I catch up, I'm going to give you a hard time.

Second, Vanes63, welcome to the game. As noted below, blogging hereabouts is a bit sketchy until Tuesday when our DSL gets turned on, but I figured that I'd take advantage of the WiFi in the breakroom at my wife's office (I'm waiting for her to finish while she works late).

So, let's see a new fact: #26. My earliest musical tastes were dictated by two 8-track tapes: Dvorak's New World Symphony and a home-made tape with four halves of Beatle Albums. The latter was made by my brothers with the collaboration of one of their friends (who owned the aforementioned Beatle Albums). They did the old fashioned stack the records in the top part of the turntable and let them fall as each finished and recorded me 90 minutes of Beatles. I'm not entirely sure which albums I had. None were complete, but I think I had the red and blue greatest hits albums and definitely the first half of Sgt Peppers (I never heard the entire second half until I bought the CD. And that happened in 1999!).

I didn't care for any music that wasn't classical or the Beatles until I graduated elementary school and finally gave popular music a try. Fortunately, it was 1982, and while there was dreck like Air Supply, it was also a high point for Top 40, largely courtesy of MTV's playing any video they could get their hands on. I doubt that Devo or even the Talking Heads or anything else out of that late 70s early 80s New York scene would have been as popular without MTV.

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