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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The challenge 

After hearing that my wife's step-father, before he got married, told his maid/cook that she wasn't allowed to repeat any meals that she cooked for him, I decided to take this as a personal challenge:

There are some limitations on the challenge, largely dictated by civility: For example, I won't impose this on my wife. She could cook me beans and rice for the next year and I'll happily (well at least without complaining. Much) eat it. And likewise for dining at friends' houses. It would be awfully rude to pick at the food and say, "I'm sorry, I had Mahi Mahi on September 3rd, I can't touch it again until March." And the cooking and restaurant lists are separate. So I can have Mole Poblano in a restaurant, then go home and cook it as well, if I so choose (and I very well might so choose).

I tend to order the same thing a lot in restaurants (e.g., at Thai restaurants, it's very rare that I order anything but Green Curry with Chicken), so this should be a year of culinary adventures.

I'll be keeping a log here as a way of tracking what I've been eating/cooking.

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