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Friday, February 17, 2006

The return of Friday Random 10 

  1. "SledgeHammer," Peter Gabriel, So
  2. "Everyman's an Island," Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart, Rising Above Bedlam
  3. "Destroy All Monsters," Sum Rana
  4. "I Cannot Believe It's True," Phil Collins, Poplar Creek '85 (Disc 1)
  5. "Baby Won't You Come Home," Jon Randall, Baby Won't You Come Home - Single
  6. "Counting Blue Cars (Unplugged)," Dishwalla, KSCA Live From The Music Hall Vol. 3
  7. "Real Downtown," Vigilantes Of Love, Live At The World Cafe - Vol. 2
  8. "Backlash," Steve Ball, Guitar Sketches
  9. "Bird On The Wire," Ian McCulloch, I'm Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen
  10. "I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)," Genesis, Fade 003 - Six of the Best (Disc 1)

Allegedly, we'll have DSL at home on Tuesday. Regular blogging to recommence at that time.

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