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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Random 10 

  1. "Matte Kudesai," King Crimson, Oct. 14th, 1981 StadtHalle
  2. "Warning Siren (Featuring Matty Safer)," Tiefschwarz & Matty Safer, Eat Books
  3. "In the Light of the King's Countenance," Randy George, In the Light of the King's Countenance
  4. "Old Hat," Glass House/Scott Richards,
  5. "The Lucky One," Alison Krauss & Union Station, New Favorite
  6. "Es Una Maquina," Enanitos Verdes, Solo Exitos Con Los Enanitos Verdes
  7. "Night Wall (15)," Steve Ball Roadshow, Night Wall
  8. "'s Wonderful," Monica Lewis, My Favorite Things
  9. "Love Came," Billy Strayhorn, Lush Life
  10. "Discipline," King Crimson, Sep. 29th, 1994 Prix D'Ami

No real patterns this week, although King Crimson and related ggroups manageg to score 3 spots.

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